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We specialize in creating customized jewelry that fits your budget and reflects your lifestyle

Precision CAD design

We use a computer software program to create 2D or 3D models. When creating the models in a CAD software program, Casting House provides its customers with the ability to view the piece of jewelry from all types of angles — including the inside, from the top, or the sides.

Ring sizing

Most likely, you had a little experience with the size of the ring. Unlike shoes and tires, jewelry rings generally do not come in a variety of sizes.

If the unique ring in the showcase that you have always wanted is a size 5 and you have a size 7, you will have to size that ring. There are no two ways to do it.

Gemstone replacement

Gemstones sometimes fall out of their settings and are lost, especially accent stones in rings. … For a piece of jewelry with great sentimental value, such as an engagement ring or a family heirloom, this can be an upsetting matter. However, when a stone is lost, all is not lost; replacements can be found.


An engraving is a picture or design that has been cut into a surface that has been printed from a plate on which designs have been cut.

Make your mark. Tell your story by personalizing your jewelry with a meaningful message, monogram or special symbol.

Appraisals and more

Understanding what jeweler’s appraisals are and what they mean is important when it comes to selling your jewelry. You may have received a jewelry appraisal at the time of purchase, acquired one for insurance reasons or not have one at all.

Sell or trade

Clients can sell or trade in their platinum, gold, silver or diamonds.
We are committed to bringing value to the jewelry of every client.


When it comes to services, some jewelry stores rise above the rest. As you can see from the icons on this page, we provide a one-stop shop that will keep your precious purchases in tip-top shape.

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